Small group of entrepreneurs in the sector, with several investments in wines and restaurants.

Daniel Ferreira joined Corrupio to make peace with the hospitality business. He studied at the Hotel and Tourism school in Setúbal, spent three years at Sublime in Comporta (on the Alentejo coast), Frade in Belém, on the western edge of Lisbon, and Plano downtown. A devoted father, he realised during the pandemic that he wanted to dedicate more time to his family. Corrupio gave him the best of both worlds with a handpicked team: Rafael Pratas, Nélio Pedrosa and Lucas Azevedo all have their places at the counter where the whole show takes place.

We want to free traditional dishes such as escabeche (pickles) and pork's ear salad, give new life to octopus salad and entremeada (pork flank) – take away monopoly that cheap taverns and eateries of the '80s had on hearty Portuguese food. Corrupio has everything that is traditional, at its best and right up to date. You eat at the counter, on a piece of art, listen to Portuguese music chosen by people (not algorithms) and drink wine that can't be found on supermarket shelves. Above all, you eat well. From midday to midnight, at the time you want to and feel like doing.

Codfish, pork from the Iberian black pig and all the other good stuff, cooked with the professionalism it deserves. Traditional Portuguese food, in short, made (only) with quality ingredients and products, prepared by a professional chef.

Project by the Furo atelier, with the collaboration of several Portuguese artists, including the Pedrita atelier, who came up with the magnificent (we think) counter and the poetry framed and on tiles, on the wall. The pottery was designed by Ricardo Milne. Staff uniforms are by Capelista Design Studio and branding by Hugo Neves, who was already responsible for the design of Bar da Odete, in central Lisbon.


Cais do Sodré, where everyone fits in.

We love visitors and nomads of all kinds, while remaining Portuguese at heart.